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Trimble Robotic SystemTrimble Robotic System

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Carlson CR2 w/ Mini2, Surveyor2, and Supervisor TabletCarlson CR2 w/ Mini2, Surveyor2, and Supervisor Tablet

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MicroSurvey Layout

  • Designed for the construction market.
  • Includes a point pattern tool for laying out anchor bolt patterns.
  • Surface layout: Design surfaces (DTM or TIN models) can be loaded into Layout for stakeout and other unique applications.

The Pro version of Layout comes with GNSS/GPS and robotic control features (for use with robotic total stations).

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Contractor Friendly

  • Layout mode includes tools to locate points, lines, arcs, and DXF drawing entities. Use for cut/fill analysis or prepare reports.
  • As-built mode with topo tools lets you measure and store points for export to CAD or import to MicroSurvey Point Prep.
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Easy Plan Entry

  • Built-in plan entry tool allows you to enter information from paper drawings directly in the field while Layout automatically computes coordinate points.
  • Create lines and arcs along with points, work in different units, or create a template.
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Easy Setup

  • Reference point routine allows you to measure to two or more known points to establish your total station location. Allows periodic position checks.
  • Remote Benchmark allows you to shoot a known point so its elevation can be transferred to your current total station position.
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Easy Layout

  • Graphically stake points, lines and DXF CAD drawings by selecting from the map screen.
  • Stake point routine can automatically find the point nearest your current prism or GPS position.
  • Includes built-in error checking and cut sheet generator with point deviations and cut/fill values.
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Offsets and Point Patterns

  • Lines and arcs can be offset to the left and/or right by a specific distance.
  • Compute points down and out from a line or arc, or point offsets between points.
  • Includes line partitioning and a point pattern tool for laying out anchor bolt patterns.
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As-Built & Topographic Tools

  • Routines are built in to measure existing conditions for as-built reports or drawings.
  • Easily record points with elevation that can be exported to other third party applications.
  • Record data for cut / fill analysis, volume calculations or DTM model creation.
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Road Alignment Layout

  • Input alignment data from paper drawings into the built-in alignment editor.
  • Horizontal alignment, vertical profiles, and templates.
  • Easy-to-use stakeout tools.
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Equipment Support

  • Conventional non-robotic instruments supported as well as robotic instruments.
  • GPS base and rover systems, network-corrected GPS rover systems, and Leica 3D DISTO.
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Advanced Display and Platforms

  • Easy-to-use menu structure makes finding things a breeze, with a unified look and feel across all platforms.
  • Total station and GPS toolbars accessible directly on the map screen.
  • Live graphics screen allows you to pick data from the map screen for layout.
  • Both portrait and landscape devices supported.

Desktop Companion

  • Open Autodesk DWG and DXF files with Point Prep and create points quickly from the digital CAD drawing.
  • Export and upload points directly to MicroSurvey Layout for layout at the job site.
  • Export and upload a CAD background file (DXF) for use with MicroSurvey Layout.
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